And Jesus answering said unto them, Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s. And they marvelled at him. (Mark: 12:17)

Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. (Romans 13:1)

There is some dispute about the meaning of the first quote. Many have alleged that it is a subtle way of Christ to suggest that the coin does not belong to God, as “all things belong to God,” yet Christ precedes this passage with a mention of whose face was on the coin–and it was Caesar’s. Although Romans was written by Paul, who sought to create a hierarchy of authority on the words of Christ, Romans 13:1 also gives us reason to dispute this interpretation of what Jesus meant.

Regardless, we at the Reformed Satanic Church would largely agree with Christ: give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s. Our solution, however, is for you to stop using things over which Caesar claims dominion, and nowhere is this a bigger problem than with the currency of the realm. The United States Dollar is a debt-based note, which means that every dollar in circulation has a debt attached to it, and, because of Interest, this debt is necessarily greater than the actual value of the dollar. It creates a game of musical chairs where the music occasionally stops, and someone is always left standing. This is what we saw in the 2007 Recession.

2020 is proving to be a watershed year in the story of American history, and it seems likely that a second Great Depression is coming. There seems no other path. The Great Depression saw unemployment rates of 25%, and in one swoop of his pen, His Excellency King Sununu put 4.79% of the population of New Hampshire out of work, adding to the 3.1% already unemployed. And New Hampshire is one of the more prosperous states, with one of the lower unemployment rates. This, in addition to the obvious fact that the people put out of work by the state are largely those people who live paycheck to paycheck and/or off of their tips, and both of these sources of income, overnight and by the flick of a pen, ran dry, obviously means the government created a considerable amount of hardship.

This was a common refrain across the United States. The closures have also not stopped there. Very few places are open, even in New Hampshire, where the His Excellency King Sununu’s “order” reads as a more lenient suggestion, and where the restrictions imposed represent some of the lightest in the United States. They are still restrictions, however, and they are still causing problems.

What is the state to do, when the state puts so many people out of work?

The answer is “Bail them out.”

To this end, the state has pledged unlimited support for “the economy,” but this is nonsense. If the state aimed to support the free market interactions of human beings, it would cease to exist, or at the very least stay out of the way. Instead, the state’s statement of “saving the economy” should be interpreted solely as “limitlessly inflate the currency.” With the largest stimulus package in United States history already passed at a stunning two trillion dollars, it would be naive and foolish to believe that there were not more in the future–$1200 to Americans will not fix this mess. Unemployment benefits are increasing substantially, as the state at least has the sense to realize that it must somehow pay the millions of people that it simply fired.

In American society now, then, there are massive numbers of people who are staying home, and being paid to stay at home, by the state. The state is paying for their food, their rent, and their bills. They are wards of the state. In the words of Trent Reznor, “Will you bite the hand that feeds? Will you stay down on your knees?”

It would be hard for Americans in these positions to challenge the state. After all, the state is the only thing keeping their bills paid, because the state has kept them from paying their own bills. Do Americans mind these forced vacations? The increase in calls to suicide hotlines suggest that Americans are not fans of this isolation, and it’s unlikely they will allow the situation to persist for long, but… the state doesn’t care. A panel in the United Kingdom is considering the possibility of 18 months of quarantine, after all, despite the reality that people are having a difficult time coping with mere weeks of this travesty.

Human risks aside, the economic costs of the state’s reckless actions are unparalleled. Not since the Bubonic Plague have economies ground so spectacularly to a halt, but in the case of the Black Death, it may have been warranted–people died in droves then, with humanity seeing the death rate surpass the birth rate for the only time in recorded history. We are not facing anything like this today, as, by all accounts, CoVid-19 is not nearly as vicious as the Bubonic Plague in the middle ages. It is impossible to discern this by looking into the empty streets of Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and New York, but CoVid-19 has a death rate nothing like the 10-15% (when treated) and 50% (when untreated) of the Black Death. So the state grinds the economy to a halt, and in result… it must inflate the currency.

The USD belongs to Caesar. It is the state’s property. And, therefore, it is to be avoided. The Reformed Satanic Church stands against Caesar and the state, and we therefore urge all people to avoid the state’s money. Protect yourself against the coming inflation. There are alternative currencies that the state cannot control, and if they cannot control it then they cannot inflate it.

The Reformed Satanic Church recommends Bitcoin, which can be acquired here. We further recommend Bitcoin Cash, which can be acquired here. Lastly, gold is and has always been a solid mainstay during economic crises, and the hurricane that is brewing off the coast of the world economy is one more devastating than we have seen in our lifetimes. Never forget that, though the state wants to do this to you, there are ways to mitigate the damage.

Although it remains to be seen if we will see a period of hyper-inflation as in pre-World War 2 Germany, modern day Zimbabwe, and others, we can see the value of alternative currencies by using simplistic numbers. If the Federal Reserve Bank prints ten times as much money as is now in circulation to bail people out of the economic collapse it helped create, then the prices of everything will increase tenfold, and every $100 bill in your possession will purchase a mere 10% as much as it currently does. A bag of cat food may cost $180, a gallon of milk $350. Consider that possibility when you are looking in your bank account–the value of Caesar’s money will be devastated by these economic interventions. The only question is, “To what degree will the USD be devastated?”

If, however, you are storing your value in an alternative currency like gold or Bitcoin… At the time of publication, one Bitcoin is valued at $7,021. Like all other things, the value of Bitcoin as measured in USD would increase by ten, as well–not because of the strength of Bitcoin, but because of the weakness of the USD. This would, in this perhaps unrealistic scenario, put the value of one Bitcoin at $70,210. Those holding $300 in USD would find themselves unable to buy a gallon of milk, while those who buy $300 in Bitcoin today would find themselves holding $3,000 in Bitcoin after the inflationary measures have taken effect.

The response seems obvious, and one doesn’t need be an economist or Bitcoin enthusiast to grasp it. Even gold would be a better idea than the USD right now. The Reformed Satanic Church urges you to use Caesar’s money against him. Buy cryptocurrency and gold with the USD, and stay safe–not from the virus, but from the horrific actions of the state.

Aria DiMezzo,
High Priestess