It has been brought to my attention that the food bank in Keene, NH is closed due to the coronavirus. I saw the real effect of this tonight, as a couple entered a local food establishment and asked if there was any food that could be given to them. If regulations were the concern, they said, the food could be thrown into the trash and they’d be happy to go into the dumpster to retrieve it.

It strikes me as absurd that something like a food bank would close its doors now, when it is most urgently needed, but it does not come as a surprise. Benevolence and generosity are luxuries, after all. Morality is the first thing to die when there is starvation. While I do agree that it is not immoral for the food bank to close its doors, it is at best amoral.

Henceforth, the Reformed Satanic Church is opening its doors to act as a food bank. Food can be delivered to our location at 659 Marlboro Road in Keene, NH, and those in need may pick up items from the same location. 100% of all donations will go to those in need, obviously.

We are not licensed to do this. The authorities have not authorized us to do this.

We don’t care.

The community is in need, and we will do what we can to alleviate that.

If a blind drop-off is unsuitable to you, we may be contacted at [email protected] or at 603-803-2428. Keene thanks you for your generosity and concern for your neighbors in these difficult times. It is, after all, not actions taken while comfortable and well-off that define a person, but those actions taken while stressed, anxious, and uncertain. I believe we can all be better, and that we are stronger in love than in fear.

Aria DiMezzo
High Priestess