On Monday, April 20 at 3:00 p.m. EST to approximately 5:00 p.m. EST, the High Priestess of the Reformed Satanic Church will be co-hosting the yearly 4/20 Rally in Concord, New Hampshire at the New Hampshire State House.

For decades, cannabis has been recognized for its physical and mental businesses, but Caesar has been slow to restrict barbaric and ineffective restrictions. Countless non-violent people are still held in steel cages throughout the United States, and even states where cannabis has been fully legalized have not seen the release of such wrongfully imprisoned people.

This is all reprehensible.

To make matters worse, Caesar has seen fit to destroy the humanity within us, by restricting our ability to interact with one another, and to further undermine our liberty with decrees against gathering, in flagrant violation of the worthless document to which they have sworn fealty–the United States Constitution.

It is refreshing to see that, whatever their reasons, Americans are becoming frustrated with the restrictions immorally imposed on them by Caesar. Every Friday night at midnight, there is a gathering at Central Square in Keene, NH, and there is a protest Saturday in Concord, in addition to the 4/20 Rally that is taking place Monday. People are protesting in Michigan and other places throughout the country, and it only seems strongest in New Hampshire.

The rally Monday serves two purposes: it is both a 4/20 Rally and a Right to Assembly Rally. Although I do not personally smoke cannabis, or otherwise use it, I recognize its health benefits, and advocate for individuals to have the right to consume whatever substances they want. I use psilocybin cubensis for medicinal purposes, which sounds as silly to people today as using cannabis for medicinal purposes did twenty years ago.

The Reformed Satanic Church is officially sponsoring the event. It cannot necessarily be differentiated how much support the RFS has for the 4/20 Rally versus the Right to Assemble Rally, but it is worth saying that a right is a right, and it is irrelevant what that right is. Just as a person has the right to move freely, so does a person have the right to smoke cannabis. The Reformed Satanic Church stands firmly in support of a person’s right to engage in any activity that does not involve aggression.

Aria DiMezzo,
High Priestess