In our previous article, we discussed the economic effects of the coronavirus, which has created a mass panic worse than anything that the virus could cause. In recent days, however, in response to gatherings of people in Keene, NH, I have seen that the emotional and human toll is far more devastating when measured in love rather than in dollars.

Everyone you encounter on the streets now is a wild ghost seeking to take your life.

Allegedly, this grotesque phrase was found on signs throughout China during the height of their infections.

The problem of political divide became evident in 2016, when Republicans cut liberal family members from their lives, and when Democrats cut conservative family members from their lives. Almost overnight, the United States segregated itself into two hateful, uncompromising groups, each convinced the other group was the embodiment of evil and destruction. It seemed, at the time, that the social divide could not become worse. Yet here we are, with the United States divided not into two groups but into hundreds of millions.

“Every person is a potential carrier,” said a friend to me recently.

This is obviously the view, when one stops to consider the calls for social distancing. Why should it be necessary to maintain a distance of six feet from every other person, unless it was assumed that person carried an infection? People are being considered guilty (of carrying a disease) without evidence or reason, and the entire horrific scenario is being disguised as pity.

Nietzsche was correct to observe that suffering is made contagious by pity, and we can see this here, even as we can find no actual pity within the actions of the fearful. Evidently, sincere pity is even optional; the pretense of pity is sufficient. “We have to protect the immunocompromised and elderly,” they say, but this veil of compassion hides a horrible bride: the dehumanization of all of humanity.

I would venture the statement that it is impossible to love and fear a person simultaneously. I would further suggest that nothing has changed because of CoVid-19–it has only revealed the terrible truth of modern society: we are crippled by fear of others. The only difference is that we progressed from “figuratively crippled” to “almost literally paralyzed” by fear of others. We stay in our homes, living vicariously through Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, yet this isn’t working. People are committing suicide, going “stir crazy,” and demonstrating the early stages of cabin fever. This has been done to them, even for those few who voluntarily opted to stay at home. The state partnered with fear to coerce them into doing this to themselves, and disguised the operation as a selfless act of love.

For as long as I can remember, the fear of others and what they “might do” in liberty has served as the basis for the expansion of the state. “We cannot end the war on drugs, because then people might do meth.” Disregarding the fact that people are doing meth already (and that the meth is often impure because there are no safeguards in place to protect users), it will have no impact on me if my neighbors decide to embark on that self-destructive journey. We can talk all day about illusory and unproven “social costs,” but at the Reformed Satanic Church we deal in the concrete and actual, not the abstract and potential. It is by this conceit that the actual and concrete deaths of ten million people becomes preferable to the abstract and potential deaths of one hundred million.

Is it possible that we will save lives by treating every human being in the world as a source of contagion to be avoided in the way that one avoids stepping on dog feces left in the park? There is no dispute that the possibility exists. However, the cost of this potential is… treating every human being in the world like a pile of dog feces not to be stepped on. How can one even view such lives as being worth saving, when they mean so little, having been reduced to mere carriers of a deadly virus?

This reveals the truth of the social distancing measures and the requirements. “I want to be safe,” is the actual claim being made. It means nothing to them whether others are saved–those others, after all, have become nothing more than time bombs of noxious chemicals and deadly germs. There is no love in this, and there is no pity in this. There is only selfishness and arrogance.

The state must be loving this. It would be impossible for the state to round up people and send them off to death camps if we lived in love. No one would stand for their friends, neighbors, and family to be put through a meat grinder. But those friends, neighbors, and family have ceased to exist. There are no more humans. There are only plague-carriers, and their lives mean as much as the rats that spread the Black Death through Europe.

How civilized are we? How can anyone say with a straight face that we have “a society” when the members of that society so quickly and easily shun one another in fear? There is nothing civilized about the dehumanization of seven billion people. We can be civilized, and we can do anything that we wish to do. We just have to make one little choice, and it’s one you can make right now. It doesn’t take any effort or money.

Choose love over fear.

Aria DiMezzo,
High Priestess