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Please Understand

When I see you shopping at Lowe’s with your entire family, I cannot help but judge you and despise you. I cannot help but think that you are being reckless, and perhaps even evil, by risking the health of your spouse and children. I cannot ponder the limitless reasons that it may be essential for…

The Difference Between You and Me

Of all the things to come out of the response to Covid-19, the destruction of the boundaries between individuals, which has for decades been gradually eroded by groupthink and collectivism, has become so complete that it is becoming accepted as the norm, even among those who profess a strong belief in individual, self-control, and autonomy….

Mass Dehumanization Disguised As Pity

In our previous article, we discussed the economic effects of the coronavirus, which has created a mass panic worse than anything that the virus could cause. In recent days, however, in response to gatherings of people in Keene, NH, I have seen that the emotional and human toll is far more devastating when measured in…